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Saturday, September 10, 2011

John & Dixie

This couple is as adorable as they come.  And not only are they adorable, but they inspire so many!  And I don't mean just in the obvious "they're-wonderful-people-who-do-wonderful-things" type of way, either.  Because while that is 100% true (they are TRULY AMAZING people who give SO MUCH) they've also been a great inspiration for doing things that most people in their age group don't think to do... get their photos taken!  Since this session, I've been able to convince both sets of my parents to get their photos taken, too.  Yeah!

When Dixie asked me to do these photos, she claimed to have had an epiphany during her newspaper reading one morning... that if she were to die, there isn't a photo that she would want to have published with her obituary.  I joke that not only do I offer family and senior portraits, I now offer obituary photos as well! 

Check out this fun session of a lovely couple who I hope are still a few decades away from needing obituary photos.  Because seriously, if you spend any time with them, you quickly realize that they can be as crazy fun and as silly as any teenagers I know!


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