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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Time!

My love of photography isn't something that I've recently discovered about myself.  When I was younger, I was always baffled when people would equate looking at other people's family photo albums as some form of torture.  I never could understand... I have always LOVED looking at photos, no matter whose they are. Combine that love with my REAL true love, FAMILY, and I get super excited.  I really love my family (immediate, extended, in-laws, ALL of them) and I love spending time together.  I especially love the fact that once in a while I get asked to spend EXTRA time with them taking photos.

Such is the case this holiday.  Travis called me before Christmas and asked if we could set aside some time to do some photos together.  Of course, I excitedly said we could make that happen.  So, we braved the frigid winter air and got some shots of their adorable family.  Libbi is such a ham and it was fun to capture their family together. 

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