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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perrin Family

I try to not make some of these business-related things a big deal, but this one deserves making a note of... when this momma contacted me to do family photos, it was my first photo session booked through my website!  Yeah website!  With crazy hectic schedules between the two of us, we booked the only available weekend between the two of us and committed to it, rain or shine.

Fortunately, there was no rain.  But there wasn't a lot of shine, or very warm temperatures!  But they were all troopers.  Thanks for the fun afternoon, Perrin family!  You're a beautiful family!


  1. We had a great time! Heidi made it as painless as possible and fun. The pictures turned out better than we could have hoped for with seven people to keep track of! Thanks to Lyndsay as well for keeping the kiddos happy and entertained! Wonderful experience all the way around!

  2. Thanks Tami! I had a great time with you guys, too. You & Travis have a good thing going on. Awesome family!