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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Jensen's

Occasionally, I have reality checks of how old I actually am.  Most of the time, I feel fairly young.  Not like a teenager any more, but a long way off from OLD.  But to say that I've been friends with someone for over 30 years makes me feel REALLY old! 

Aleisha is one of my very first friends, ever.  She and I took dancing classes together when we were 3 years old!  Growing up together, my life has been blessed by Aleisha and so many fun memories include her!  From Yankee Doodle Dandies to CDVE, from trick or treating to skating parties, every memory with Aleisha is a happy one.  I remember one day when we were in the hall at Borah High School, standing by our lockers, and she told me she was going to marry Bill when he got home from his mission.  And she did!  It was so fun to catch up with them and their ADORABLE children over Thanksgiving break to do some photos. 

What a beautiful family you've made, Aleisha & Bill!  Thanks for spending the FREEZING cold morning with me!

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  1. oh you are so kind!!! lots and lots of fun memories with you!! yeah, i feel like a rock star to be on your website!! love ya girl.