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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alyssa & Nick

You might recognize Alyssa... she is one of my class of 2012 photo subjects.  One of my most photogenic ones, too.  It was a special treat to get to have a second session with her, this time with her boyfriend Nick.  He was on leave before being deployed to Afganistan.  Thank you for your service, Nick!  And thank you both for being so cute together!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Senior 2012: Annalie

Annalie is one of those people that I will always smile when I think of her.  She came into my life at an interesting time and brought with her a fresh and fun perspective.  I love this girl and am sad I don't get to see her very often, but oh, what a ray of sunshine she is!  Stunning to photograph, too!

Senior 2012: Des

Des doesn't live in my small town... she lives in an even SMALLER small town, but I've known who she is for quite a while now.  I do remember the first time I heard her name, though.  Someone mentioned her in conversation and I said, "Who is Des?" And the person looked at me and said, "You don't know Des?!  Des is AWESOME!"  And I'd agree.  Des was such a fun fun girl to photograph and we had a great time together.

Senior 2012: Katelyn

Oh how I love Miss Katelyn!  I have the privilege of getting to "rub shoulders" often with this beautiful and bright young lady and every encounter is always so uplifting!  Such a strong and talented girl and sweet to boot!

Senior 2012: Malissa

So fun to get to work with Malissa!  She has the best hair color for a fall photoshoot!  It was great to hunt around trying to find the best colors to work with.  And she was so patient with me as I tried to get 'the shot' that I had in mind below (2nd one down).  I had been itching to try that photo and I was so happy to have Malissa be my model for it!

Class of 2012: Weston

Ever since Weston was a young 11 year-old, I have always thought he was so cute, charming, and absolutely adorable.  And he has grown up to be just as delightful of a young adult.  So polite, kind and just plain NICE.  Such a great kid, a pleasure to get to know a little bit! 

Class of 2012: Alyssa

What a cutie!  Alyssa is one of the most photogenic models I've ever worked with.  The camera LOVED her and selecting some favorites to show is truly a challenge!  They're all so fun and she looks great in all of them.  Great session with a GREAT girl!